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Mrs. Stefania Forte-Costa

My wedding at the Four Season Hotel is Philadelphia in May 2015 was one of the most beautiful day of my life thanks to the team of Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants especially the owner and seasoned wedding planner Christina Maddox. When I was researching wedding planners to help me put into reality the vision I had from my wedding I wanted the best. Christina Maddox is one of the best wedding planner around with 15 years of expereince under her belt and she has planned 237 successful weddings including mine.

The Heaven Sent team was very professional, prompt, graceful, positive and efficient. They alleviated all the pressures I had as a bride to plan a wedding. I was a stress free bride! That is rare! Christina's motto is: I don't have a stress out bride on my watch!

My husband and I are so glad we hired Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants to plan our special day and it was indeed a very special, elegant, fun and memorable day thanks to Christina and her great team.


Davis Simms, Owner ~ Eatible Delight Catering

As a cater, I have worked with Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants on multiple occassions, and different types of events. The staff has always been professional, and the tasks have always been met. Each and every time, working with Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants, has made my job easier, with their time management attention to detail, and can do attitude. I would work with Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants again, and lookig forward to them again in the near future.


Linda Pointer-Tyson, Mother of the bride 

Christina did an outstanding job with my daughter's wedding in August, 2014. She and her staff were professional in every way. I was just thinking about my daughter's wedding and what a great time we had. Christina was always there when we needed her. She handled everything ina timely manner. She became a member of the family because of her caring and kind attitude.

On the day of the wedding she made sure everything was in the right place. She took care of my daughter and her bridal party. Right before the reception she took my daughter and helped her change into her second gown. She looked like a greek goddess. All of the guests talked about how professional lookig Christina and her staff were. They were very attentive to everyone's needs. I had nothing to worry about except being the mother of the bride. They were there until the last guest left. They helped load all the gifts into the vehicle and made sure my daughter and son-in-law had everything. I would recommend Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants to anyone who is a wedding. Unfortunaly, I only have one daughter so I will not be planning another wedding. Don't hesitate to contact them Heaven Sent Wedding Consulatnts. You will not be sorry!!


Gina Williams ~ Mother of the Bride

Christina of Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants and her staff helped to make my daughter Corteny's wedding day a perfect one at the Old Mill. She was there with velcro pins, lotion, needle and thread any anything that we needed in her vey large emergeny kit. Christina made sue everything went according to plan and on time with her very through time line. Her professionalism and genuine caring allowed me to relax and really enjoy this wonderful day with no worries. Christina Maddox is the best wedding planner ever. She truely was "Heaven Sent" Thank you again for everything Christina.


Matt Harnick - Apogee Video Productions

"Working with Christina is a breath of fresh air. Having been in the wedding and event industry for 18 years, I've seen a lot of wedding planners come and go, but Christina will be here for as long as she wishes to be. Her attention to detail, her real compassion and concern for her's easy to see why she's the choice for so many couples looking to hire the right person to plan and orchestrate their big day! I always enjoy working with her, and appreciate how easy she makes things - not just for the couple, but just as much for those of us behind the scenes. Thanks again for many wonderful times working together, Christina!"


Mrs. Phuong Lam

"Christina helped me plan my Tea Ceremony and Reception that has the synergy of a traditional Vietnamese/Chinese and Contemporary American themes. It sounds confusing and it was because none of us (including my families) does not know what to do! She is so great and has been accommodated to all of my crazy requests. She was very gracious in everything she does and helped us developed great relationships with all of our vendors. In every step of the planning she has always been on my side and it was so wonderful to have worked with her. The reception was the reception of my dream and she made it happened. It's like I gave her my dream and wishes and she made it happened. With the great food, de'cor, and the center pieces that was designed by me and created by Christina. I love her and her excellent work!"


Mrs. Josie Celestine

Heaven Sent was extremely confident and helpful through the long process of planning my wedding. The professionalism shown was outstanding. As I think about all that goes into wedding planning, I would not sacrifice not having a professional wedding planner. My wedding would have been ruined with out this important piece. Please save yourself the headache and money wasted by hiring a planner. Yes, it is an added cost but you will thank yourself in the end (I did).


Tom Smith Photography

Christina is simply amazing to work with. I have worked with a lot of wedding planners and she is by far the best. Christina always has every detail under control and thought of well in advance. If you want your wedding day to run smoothly and not have to worry about anything look no further for a wedding planner.


Synergetic Sounds and Lighting

What else could you say about the girls! You will be so very happy with the level of service that they will provide you. Christina and company really go out of the way to make sure your day is perfect.


Mr. Greg Downing

Unfortunately, due to some financial issues appropriated upon us by way of a health dilemma surrounding my fiancee, we were forced to postpone our wedding. Gladly to say, my fiancee has made a full recovery. But Christina Maddox, the President of Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants, worked with us very closely during the planning process of our wedding initially, and when my fiancee fell ill, she cared enough personally, to continue to contact us even after It was established that we may not be able to keep our wedding date. She worked with us as long as she could while we were dealing with our dilemma, to schedule a date as soon as my fiancee's health returned to normal. Unknowingly at the time,her condition was more complicated than we initially thought. But, until this day we view Christina as a "true" professional, as well as, a friend of the family. It is vital, and rare, that you find somebody, that earnestly connects to their customer with such professionalism and humility. We are grateful for running into such a great company. The other companies we researched we completely overpriced for the level of dedication they appeared to offer in their packages. They didn't seem to really relate to the needs of my fiancee but simply to the needs of their level of professionalism. But not with Heaven Sent. They have an array of vendors from which they have to choose from, and they are enthusiastic about helping a couple on one of the most memorable events of their lives. Their large didactic of themes covers various cultural landscapes, and the way that they are capable of weaving your idea into a reality is uncanny. If I was a betting person, I would bet that Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants is the best one would find in the city.


Mrs. W. Bee

Having over 11yrs of customer service myself makes me a tough one to impress, I know class when I'm in it's presence. Christina Maddox has a spirit about her that is infectious, I have 2 daughters yet to be wed and the events are to be nothing but, Heaven Sent. Christina is a person of great character & devotion, she brings quality, her all and nothing but her best. To know Christina is to know Heaven Sent. She's a private person but her business reveals all that needs to be known about her. She lights up a room and holds it captive with her modest charm; her self presentation is always neat, crisp, refreshing; if she is do to a thing it is to be done well and with dignity. Christina knows how to treat people and is truly Heaven Sent, a genuine gem.


House of Moore

Ms. Christina Maddox is extremely professional and personable. She is very detail orientated and knows her stuff. Her "cutomer service skills" are excellent. This is the one quality that is missing in our faced-paced, all about me society. I thank her for her time and courtesy.


Dr. K. Glenn Caines

"H. Norman Schwarzkopf said, "Leadership is a combination of strategy and character. If you must be without one, be without the strategy." I have observed and experienced the qualities of Christina. She is a leader with principles, as a wedding consultant and otherwise. She is implacable and represents integrity. She and her organization should be globally recognized being indicative of Philadelphia and our spirit. "


Karri and Pete

Christina thank you so much for all you have done for us. We really don't know where we would be right now if it wasn't for you. You are so talented and I know you are going to be great. You not only do your job like no other, but you become a great friend also. The time we spent together over this last year have been a blast and I only hope our friendship will grow stonger and stronger. I will always be there for you anytime you need anything; it seems like only yesterday I got engaged. You have made everthing go so smoothly and you always protected me. Your the best ! Thank you again for everything !!


Samantha and Howard Ross IV

Christina and the HSW Team made our day absolutely perfect! We contracted HSWC about a year before our wedding, and I was immediately impressed with her resourcefulness and professionalism! She was there anytime I called/texted/emailed her. Of course, there were hiccups along the way (as with any major event planning) but, all I had to do was bring it to her attention and I knew it would be handled.

Christina also conducted the entire rehearsal at my parents' house and everything ran smoothly. She even reassured and made our flower girl (who is 4 years old and was very nervous) excited to walk down the aisle!

The day of our wedding, Christina and team HS handled everything! She even came to check on me and my bridal party personally to make sure I was ok! I had a little bit of a meltdown while we were getting ready (as I imagine every bride does on her wedding day lol), and Christina recommended that I call my fiance` (now my husband) and I calmed down.When we got to the mansion, Christina and her team had everything set up beautifully, just as I had envisioned!

All the guest commented afterwards how amazing our wedding was!

Again, all I can say about Christina and Team Heaven Sent was that our wedding day was like a dream it was so perfect! I now know why the company is called Heaven Sent Weddings because I felt blessed by angels to have her conduct our wedding!

Thank you Christina for our amazingly perfect wedding! We love you so much and we're so sad that we won't be able to work with you anymore now that our day has come and gone. All we can do now is say that if you truly want to have a perfect wedding, this is the company to call!!


Catherine Hall

Christina is a wonderful wedding planner- she became one of the family. Her staff and she helped us have a "flawless" wedding! Please are still talking about how elegant and well orchestrated the wedding was.

If someone wants to have a PERFECT wedding- use Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants!!


Charmaine & Eugene Croff III

I was so grateful for the attention, support and professionalism you provided to us during such a stressful time. You were able to step in when I needed you most. I am so grateful for our experience together. Your efforts made our memories! Thanks again!!


Denise Young

"Christina coordinated my 50th birthday party which was a huge success. Christina understood my vision, added her creative touches and provided the perfect vendors for my event. My dream party became a reality thanks to Christina and her staff. This party was in August '07 and I'm still getting compliments from the event. Everyone continues to comment on how perfect the party was planned and executed. Thank you, Christina, for a job well done!"


Betsy R.

Christina is very professional, she had some many ideas for our wedding. She also made beautiful hand made favors for us. Our day was perfect, she is the most organized person that I have ever seen. There are people still talking about how beautiful our wedding was. One of the thing that I love the most about Christina is her communication she was always in contact with us letting us know every step. I would recommend her to bride that wants a professional to plan their day.


Salvatore Cucinotta, Esq.

Christina is a dedicated professional. She takes the time to make sure every detail is met and is correct. She takes pride in her work and in her clients. With Christina planning your event, you can rest assured that it will be everything you imagine it to be. Hired Christina more that once.


Tobe Finseth

Christina is a highly knowledgeable wedding consultant and event planner who will do whatever it takes to make her client's special event "one to remember". Her dedication to perfection, her eye for detail and creativity, and her ability to understand her client's needs, without question make her the premier wedding consultants in the Philadelphia area.


Debbie Schaffer

"Christina Maddox is one of the most understanding and personable wedding planners I met. I spoke with several planners prior to choosing Christina. If you want a friend on your side then go with Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants. She understands me and wants my wedding to be my dream not a dream that looks best for the community.

I plan on getting married this October and am very satisfied that I went with Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks Christina for making my life easier at an affordable price!"


Stephen Passalacqua

"Christina has made my fiance's life stress free! Thank you, you are truly heavenly sent!"


Mrs. Nautica

Christina Maddox a phenomenal business woman! She is extremely personable and accomodates your every need. She has built such great relationships not only with her clients but vendors as well. I would recommend for every couple to hire Heaven Sent Wedding will have the best wedding day ever!!!


Mrs. Melnychuck

Christina and her staff are amazing. I couldn't have had the wedding I did without her. Family and Friends are still raving about it a year later. She is truly the best!


Riehs Florist

Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants knows how to make dreams come true. Christina loves what she does and is excellent at it. Go for the Best!!!


Anitra Paris

"Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants are exactly what the name says. They are Heaven sent. When you hire them they take over and make your wedding day a success as all brides know you already have a lot to worry about on your special day so why not put Heaven sent consultants in charge. Trust me there won't be any jitters on your special day."


Annmarie Yarmolyk

"Ms. Maddox is very energetic, reliable & professional. She's the tops!"



"They are proficient and upbeat. A joy to work with."



"I have seen Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants create and execute magnificent affairs. Wonderful to watch!"


Neece Marie

I've worked closely with the owner of this consulting firm and she is very well organized. While assisting her in planning her own wedding, I learned a tremendous amount. She is well organized, well connected and produces awsome results. You can't find a better wedding planner.



"Excellent customer service"



"Her staff help me with my entire venue she is a blessing"



"Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants put the P-in professionalism and the D-in delivery. My wedding day was a dream come true. My dream would have not come true without the expertise of Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants who made my wedding day truly "Heaven Sent". "

"Christina is extremely professional in all aspects of wedding planning. She makes every bride and family fell as though they are the only one that she is concerned with when dealing with them. She is very friendly and always looks for your input on how to make this Your special day. She goes the extra mile when necessary. Thank you Christina!"



"Tenancy of Purpose. Determination always gets the job done"


Jen T.

"Follow up is essential when dealing with stressed out brides. Christina has a way of assuring a bride that everything will be okay and handling the smallest details with grace. "

Charmane O.

"Ms. Maddox is a blessed woman of God and she genuinely cares about her brides. I refer all my family and friends to her. She is just wonderful!"


Dynamic Service

"What more can you say - except - WOW!!"



"Very Personal and Understanding"


Avis Seigler

"I had the experience of watching Christina at a wedding. She was at her best. Doing all that she could to make the bride and groom very happy. It was wonderful the entire event. God bless"


Danita Sherrod

"She Is the best Because... #1 when you are in her presence and see her smile you instantly know God sent a angel. # 2 Its not just her business its also a ministry to her to help and please others others #3 Her customers satisfaction is her Priority, nothing cant be done when it comes to your dream wedding. "



"I think they are the best because they love what they do. They are as emotional and excited about the event as the bride."


D. Savage

"They are great at finding beautiful dresses!"


Tammie Maddox

"Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants does exceptional and they have a team of true professionals that I find are great to work with. I want to the world to know of the great work Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants/ Christina has done in the past and I know will continue to do in the future. Best Wishes!"


Andrea McFarland

"Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants truly take the time to make sure that your wedding is perfect. The care and the dedication to each bride is awesome!! I couldn't imagine a better place to put your trust into for such a special event."


Jerea S.

Heaven sent wedding's is wonderful she works very hard for you and makes all of you dreams come true and most important she makes your vision that's in your head come true she takes her time on every part of your wedding.


Maria Intenzo

"They make the impossible seem possible on your special day. There are so many things to do for that day, it is very nice to have someone so skilled to put it all together."


Kashiya T.

"Christina offers the most professional service in wedding coordinating. Her professionalism exuberates an everlasting scent at any event she has coordinated. I recommend her services to any couple that is planning to tie the knot. Her services are definitely a 'Heaven Sent' experience!"


Kimberly Knox

"I recently had a bridal shower that people are still talking about. If it was not for Christina at Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants my shower would not have been so much of a hit. People really enjoyed themselves. I would definitely recommend Christina to anyone who looking to have an event. She is very professional and has a lot of wonderful ideas. Anything your heart desires she will make happen. You can have ideas or not and she will give you a wonderful event. You will not be dissatisfied. She is such a blessing she is surely Heaven Sent."


Mark Kapczynski

"Christina's attention to detail is second to none."